We Are God

As I look at the stars twinkling in the midnight sky, I am not particularly hungry tonight. I am sitting comfortably in my home watching a program. I grew up just a poor girl in a big family. I wanted to change the world. I used to believe in God. Now I know God is us, and we are God. I know the social plights around the world. I feel them as we all do. I’m thinking of the hungry tonight. I know just how to help them. It’s going to take all of your help. I believe in the ability to send our mental energy to the world. Also in doing practical things right here so as not to jack up the lives of the needy any further. Let us start by sending a ripple of “quality of life” energy to the very edges of our earth. I know you can do it. The mind is a powerful tool. (You may be brought to tears as you think about them.) Everybody please join in. Thank you.

In my future blogs you will hear the specifics of my plan to  accomplish quality of life for all. Stay tuned until next time and remember God (the people) love you and are coming to  rescue you. Goodnight precious people.

Author: socialtruths

Caring about people one at a time

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